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Family & Spouse Visas

143 - Contributory Parent Visa

This visa lets a parent of a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen move to Australia permanently

Stay: Permanently

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have an eligible child who is a settled Australian citizen, Permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand citizen
  • Meet the balance-of-family test (Half your children must be living permanently in Australia than in any other country)
  • Have an Assurance of support

Cost: AUD 47,755. Plus, an additional charge for each family member who is included in the application.

The payment for this visa is done in 2 instalments. The first payment is made at the time of application submission, and the second instalment is paid when asked to by the department of immigration.

Location: You can be inside or outside Australia when you apply for the visa.

If you apply in Australia, any family members who apply with you must also be in Australia. If you apply outside Australia, any family members who apply for the visa with you must also be outside Australia when you apply.

You must be outside Australia when we decide on your application, unless you hold or held a Contributory Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 173) or substituted Visitor visa (subclass 600) before lodging your application.

What you can do with this visa:

  • stay in Australia indefinitely
  • work and study in Australia
  • enrol in Medicare
  • sponsor your family members to come to Australia
  • travel to and enter Australia for 5 years
  • apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible

Application Process

Check your eligibilty for this visa

Apply for the visa and pay the first insatallment

We will assess your application and place it in a queue

Wait for a place to become a available

We will assess your application again

Pay the second installment

Visa Grant

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