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Who We Are?

India's leading immigration consultant for Australia and Canada. We are 100% trusted advisors dedicated to guiding individuals toward fulfilling their dreams of migrating & settling abroad along with their families.

When Did We Form?

Since 2009 we have been operating as a renowned brand in the field of overseas immigration.

How We Work?

We give FREE consultation, assess eligibility, and guide through the documentation for smooth application processing, ensuring clients' seamless migration to their desired destination.

Where Are We Located?

We operate our business from New Delhi, India. We have a footprint in over 40+ Worldwide locations

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to authenticity and 50,000+ Successful Immigration sets us apart, ensuring your immigration journey is backed by 100% trust and reliability
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To offer inclusive support and guidance at every stage of the immigration process for our clients.

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To be the leading authority in the immigration industry, setting the standard for authenticity, reliability, and excellence in the migration industry.

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We believe in empowering our clients by providing them with knowledge, authentic resources, and support.

Choose Your Pathway

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Don't Know What To Do?

Our Immigration Process

Welcome Aspirant! Your Immigration Journey Starts Here.
Our immigration expert will personally guide you based on your interests and goals.
Expert counselling
Check your eligibility for immigration to a specific country and sign up for the process.
All your documents will be compiled to create a strong decision-ready application.
Assists you in every step while applying.
Sonya Singh

MD, Founder & MARA Certified

Ms. Sonya Singh, Owner, Founder, and Managing Director of SIEC Education Pvt Ltd, SIEC Pty Ltd Australia, and SIEC India PVT Ltd, has 29 years of experience in education management, international student recruitment, and migration law. As Director of Cue Global Education Pty Ltd, she pioneers educational consultancy, while as Founder of EDUSOL Consultants, she ensures compliance services for institutes worldwide. Sonya's MARA certification underscores her authority in legal immigration assistance for Australia. Her influence extends globally, with training programs and partnerships across Nepal, Macedonia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Sonya Singh

Regulated Canadian Imigration Consultants (RCICs)

Mr. Anurag Sharma is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), recognized by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). As an RCIC member, Anurang Sharma is authorized to provide professional immigration consulting services for individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. He adheres to the high ethical and professional standards set by ICCRC, ensuring clients receive accurate and reliable guidance throughout the immigration process.

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