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The Quebec Entrepreneur Program 2019

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program allows managers and qualified business owners, the chance to gain permanent residence in Quebec, if they are able to successfully create or acquire a business in the province.

Steps to apply

  • Submit application to be selected for participation in the Quebec Entrepreneur Program
  • If you are successful, you will be issued a Quebec Selection Certificate
  • Submit an application for Canadian PR
  • If approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), you will be able to move to Canada as a permanent resident.

Create or Acquire a Business in Quebec

An Entrepreneur Program Quebec applicant can propose to begin a new business or to acquire an existing business. His or her proposal must establish that:

  • The business is industrial (such as manufacturing), commercial (such as retail sales), or agricultural
  • The business is or will be located in Quebec
  • Applicant will control at least 25% of the capital equity in the business, either alone or with their spouse/ partner
  • The capital equity has a value of $100,000 CAD at least
  • On a daily basis, applicant will manage the business themselves or participate as a management and operations partner

Prior Acquisition of a Business in Quebec

Prospective immigrants can also apply if they have already acquired a qualifying share of a Quebec business. His or her proposal must establish that:

  • The business is industrial, commercial, or agricultural
  • The business is or will be located in the Province of Quebec
  • The applicant controls a minimum of 25% of the capital equity in the business, either alone or combined with their common law partner or spouse
  • The capital equity of the business has a value of $100,000 CAD or more
  • On a daily basis, he or she manages the business themselves or participates as a management and operations partner
  • The business was not acquired during the previous five years by another participant in the province's Entrepreneur Immigrant Program

Eligibility criteria

  • Assets

    Quebec Entrepreneur Visa applicants must demonstrate that they personally possess assets with a net value of at least CAD $300,000. The assets must have been legally acquired.

  • Managerial Experience

    Applicants for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program must have at least two years of experience operating a legal and profitable small business. Those two years of experience must have occurred within five years prior to the date the business immigration Quebec application is submitted.

    • Age
    • Proficiency in French and English languages
    • Relevant education and training
    • Personal qualities and character
    • Knowledge of Quebec
    • Ties to Quebec
    • Quality of business plan

Quebec Entrepreneur Program Selection Interview

At the selection interview, the applicant will need to explain the business plan to Immigration Quebec authorities. A Quebec immigration counsellor conducts the in-person interview. Apart from verifying information included in the application, the counsellor might focus questions in these areas:

  • The specifics of applicant's experience as an entrepreneur
  • The source of applicant's assets and proof that he or she actually owns them
  • Applicant's ability to carry out their proposed business plan successfully
  • Efforts applicant has made to date to acquire or create a business in Quebec

The selection interview will typically take one to two hours. At the completion of the interview, the counselor may tell the potential immigrant that their application will be accepted or denied.

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