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Provincial nominee programs

Alberta Immigrant nominee program

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is the provincial nominee program in Alberta. Immigrants with the right mix of skills and experience required by the Alberta province will be offered a Nomination certification.

Under the AINP, Immigrants can apply under three possible streams:

  1. Alberta Opportunity Stream
  2. Alberta Express Entry Stream
  3. Alberta Self Employed Farmer Stream

This stream allows the following individuals to obtain the visa:

  1. International students who have completed their studies, graduated from an Alberta Post-secondary institution and employed on a post-secondary graduate work permit.
  2. Immigrants who meet Alberta's minimum eligibility requirements and are currently working

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Residency status and work permit requirements
  • Minimum language requirements
  • Education
  • Work experience (Cannot be part of the ineligible occupations list)
  • Must meet minimum income levels in Alberta
  • Have a minimum CRS score of 300.

Residency Status and Work Permit Requirements

Applicants must meet the following residency requirements when applying:

  • Have a valid temporary residence status in Canada, authorizing the right to work in Alberta
  • Have a valid work permit for an eligible occupation based on either:
    • a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or
    • an LMIA exemption for workers covered under international trade agreements, Intra-Company Transferees, or people taking part in International Experience Canada, as determined by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC); or
    • an LMIA exemption as a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) holder.

      The applicant must:

      • have met the requirements for graduation from an Alberta Advanced Education approved credential
      • have an Alberta credential featured on the Alberta Opportunity Stream list
      • currently be in an occupation related to his or her field of study in Alberta.

Language Proficiency

All applicants must have a minimum CLB score of 4 for each language skill: listening, reading, writing and speaking in English or French. For the following occupations: Nurse aids, orderlies and patient service associates, a minimum of CLB 7 is required in English or French.

Education Requirements

  • An applicant should have either a Canadian high school diploma, or an International equivalent in their home country.
  • An Education Credential Assessment (ECA) is required, unless the applicant has a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate from a Canadian Post-secondary Institution or has sufficient work experience, an Alberta trade certificate or an Alberta qualification certificate.

Work Experience:

  • The applicant must be employed in an occupation that is listed as “Current” at the time of applying
  • Minimum of 1-year full-time work experience in the 'current occupation' in Alberta within the last 18 months; or a minimum of 2-year full-time work experience in the 'current occupation' in Canada and/or outside Canada within the last 30 months

Post-Graduation Work Permit holder work experience

  • must have a minimum of six months full-time work experience in his or her current occupation in Alberta within the last 18 months
  • Work experience must be full-time, for a minimum of 30 hours/week (Part time work is not included)
  • cannot be completed while studying in Canada or enrolled in an internship

Job Offer Requirements

  • Continuous, paid, full-time work, defined as a minimum of 30 hours/week for 12 months or more in an eligible AINP occupation
  • Signed by the applicant and the Alberta employer
  • Offer work in the applicant's current occupation

Income level Requirements

Depending on the "family unit", individuals applying under this stream must meet minimum gross annual income level requirements at the time of application. An applicant may be permitted to include a spouse or common-law partner's yearly income before tax to meet the minimum income level.

Members of the family unit include:

  • The spouse/partner
  • Dependent children
  • Spouse/common-law partner's dependent children
  • Dependent children of dependent children
  • Dependent children of spouse/common-law partner's dependent children


  1. Read the AINP terms and conditions: alberta.ca/AINP
  2. You must meet all the selection criteria
  3. You must meet the minimum language requirement in either English or French and the test results cannot be more than 2 years old at the time of application. Any of the following language tests are accepted: CELPIP and IELTS for English and TEF and TCF for French
  4. Download the document checklist and complete all forms
    • AINP 010 Alberta Opportunity Stream Application Form
    • IMM 0008 Generic Application Form for Canada
    • IMM 0008DEP Additional Dependants/Declaration Form (Complete this form only if you have more than 5 dependents)
    • IMM 0008 Schedule 4: Economic Classes: Provincial Nominees

    The following IRCC forms must be completed by you, your spouse/common-law partner and any dependents over the age of 18:

    • IMM 5669 Schedule A: Background/Declaration
    • IMM 5406 Additional Family Information
    • IMM 5476 Use of a Representative (if applicable)
  5. Mail the application to:
    Alberta Opportunity Stream
    Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
    Government of Alberta
    Suite 940, ATB Place North Tower
    10025 Jasper Avenue
    Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1S6

Through this stream, the Alberta Government can nominate a limited number of eligible candidates from the Express Entry pool. The government generally targets candidates that have a strong tie to Alberta and add value to the economy of the province. This could also include International graduates. The nominated applicants receive 600 points in the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) along with an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

The government selects candidates whom they think would qualify from the Express Entry pool and invite them to apply (individuals can't apply themselves). Once they have received an ITA, applicants can submit an application under the Alberta Express entry stream.

Express Entry – Who qualifies?

Skilled workers currently located in Canada or outside Canada can apply. Potential applicants should refer to the National Occupation list (NOC) to determine if their occupation is on the skilled list. An applicant would additionally need to qualify for one of the three following immigration programs:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled worker Program
  • Federal skilled Trades Program

Eligibility criteria

  • Have an active Express Entry profile in the Federal Express Entry pool
  • Have shown an interest in immigrating to Alberta permanently
  • Working in an occupation that is advantageous to the economy of the province
  • Have a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score of 300
  • Prior work experience in Alberta and a valid job offer
  • Graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution
  • Have an immediate family member that is currently living in Alberta; mother, father, brother or sister

If you receive a letter of interest from the province, you must email a copy of the letter to the AINP at albertaexpressentry@gov.ab.ca within two weeks of receiving it in your federal Express Entry profile, together with your express entry profile number and status information about any past applications (if any). Once the AINP receives a copy of the letter, they will email you back with a confirmation and request you to submit an application, together with supporting documents. There is no fee to submit the application.

*It is not guaranteed that you will receive a letter of interest or be asked to submit an application, even if you meet all the selection criteria. Selection would depend on the number of available nominations, the volume of applications received and how you fare in comparison to other applicants.


  1. Receive a request from the AINP to apply under this stream
  2. Read the AINP terms and conditions: alberta.ca/AINP
  3. Review the Alberta Express Entry Stream eligibility criteria
  4. Review the Document Checklist and complete the required forms
  5. Mail the application package: must be sent within 30 days of receiving the email from the AINP requesting you submit an Alberta Express Entry application. It should be emailed to:

    Alberta Express Entry Stream
    Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
    Government of Alberta
    Suite 940, ATB Place North Tower
    10025 Jasper Avenue
    Edmonton, AB Canada T5J 1S6

This stream is for individuals who wish to gain PR in Alberta and have the relevant farming experience and the funds to purchase, develop and manage a farming business.

You would need to exhibit knowledge of farm management and show sufficient funds to be able to invest in a farming business in Alberta.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Financial documentation of existing farm business
  • Proof of education, training, and work experience
  • A proposed business plan for the farming business you plan to develop
  • Proof of a Canadian financial institution willing to fund the farming business
  • Must be able to invest a minimum of CAD $500,000 of equity in a primary production farming business in Alberta
  • Show a minimum net worth of CAD $500,000
  • Document all investment intentions in the proposed business plan


  1. Read the AINP terms and conditions: alberta.ca/AINP.
  2. Download the Document Checklist and complete the require forms

    • AINP 004: Self-Employed Farmer Application
    • AINP 008B: Candidate - Use of a Representative
    • IMM 0008 Generic Application Form for Canada
    • IMM 0008 Schedule 4: Economic Classes: Provincial Nominees
    • IMM 0008 Schedule 4A: Economic Classes: Business Nominees
    • IMM 0008DEP Additional Dependents/Declaration Form (Complete this form only if you have more than 5 dependents)

    The following IRCC forms must be completed by you, your spouse/common-law partner and any dependents over the age of 18:

    • IMM 5669 Schedule A: Background/Declaration
    • IMM 5406 Additional Family Information
    • IMM 5476 Use of a Representative

    *Use the AINP Self Employed Farmer Stream Document Checklist for the full list of documents required.

  3. Mail the application:
    Self-Employed Farmer Stream
    Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
    J.G. O'Donoghue Building
    200-7000 113 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5T6

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