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Quebec Experience Program

If you have previously studied or worked in Quebec, then you would be eligible to migrate to Canada under the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ). The PEQ is an immigration pathway for international students and temporary foreign workers to gain permanent residency in Quebec, after gaining significant work experience in the province.

If an applicant does not meet the required eligibility criteria for PEQ, but they have experience working or studying in Quebec, they can still apply for a CSQ through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Eligibility requirements for International students:

  • Show intention to settle in Quebec to hold a job;
  • have stayed temporarily in Quebec for the purposes of study
  • have obtained an eligible degree or diploma from an educational institution in the past 3 years and have studied in Quebec for a minimum of 2 years out of the three. (Diploma, Degree, Masters or Doctorate)
  • Must demonstrate that you have completed an advanced intermediate level French course in Quebec, or take a standardized language test to prove your French language ability
  • Full time work experience (30 hours per week) is required (No part time, internship or volunteer work will be accepted)

*As of October 1, 2018, a prospective Quebec graduate can't apply for a CSQ, 6 months prior to gaining their diploma. They would need to obtain their diploma and show successful completion by providing a transcript of their final grades.

Eligibility Requirements for a temporary Foreign Worker:

  • show intention to settle in Quebec to hold a job;
  • have stayed temporarily in Quebec for the purposes of work;
  • have had full-time work experience in Quebec for at least 12 months of the 24 months prior to submitting the application, at skill level 0, A, B, C or D.
  • have legal status in Quebec as a temporary worker or as part of a youth exchange program
  • show that you have successfully completed an advanced intermediate level French course at a Quebec educational institution or prove French ability by way of a standardized language test
  • Must be employed in full time employment (30 hours a week) paid employment

*The spouse of a student, who is working in Quebec on an open-work permit also qualifies under the PEQ if they meet all eligibility requirements.

Steps to apply

Applicants must first apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate or "CSQ", a document that allows the holder to immigrate to Quebec. To apply for a CSQ, a candidate would need to satisfy the eligibility requirements of one of the Quebec immigration programs offered by Quebec's Ministry of Immigration.

After obtaining a CSQ, an applicant would need to submit an application to the IRCC, which would need to be approved, before a permanent resident visa can be issued.

*Medical and Police checks will be conducted along with the application.

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