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3000 Visas Open for Indian-UK Young Professionals - Apply Today!

Publish Date: 20/12/2023

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The UK Home Affairs has released new ballot options for the India Young Professionals Scheme allowing applicants under 30 to reside, work, and study for a 2-year visa offer.

The application starts on 20th February 2024 at 2:30 P.m. for 3000 visas opportunity, valid till 22nd February 2024.

It also includes having savings of at least GBP 2,530 with no children dependent under 18. Once selected, the applicants will have 90 days to apply for the visa, pay the associated fees which include the immigration health surcharge, and provide biometrics.

Scheme UK-India Young Professional Scheme
Started in May 2021
2024 Ballot 20 Feb 24 - 22 Feb 2024
Visa 3000
Duration 2 years

The Young Professionals Scheme is a part of the UK-India Mobility and Migration Partnership, established in May 2021. This partnership underscores commitments to enhance migration arrangements and strengthen cooperation on immigration violations between India and the United Kingdom.

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