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Australia Unveils New Migration Strategy

Publish Date: 12/12/2023

A Quick Overview: The Australian government has recently unveiled its long-anticipated migration strategy, aiming to bring the nation's intake under control following an unprecedented influx in the past year.

Updates are as follow:

  • Stricter English language requirements for international students.
  • Graduate visa IELTS score raised to 6.5 (from 6.0).
  • Student visa IELTS score raised to 6.0 (from 5.5).
  • Streamlining visa types for a more efficient system.
  • Restrictions on visa hopping to prevent "permanent temporariness."
  • Potential caps on international student numbers.
  • 'Specialist pathway' for those earning $135,000 or more.
  • Visa processing expedited within a week on average.
  • Clear path to permanent residency for high-skilled workers.

Recent Visa Changes:

  •   Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold raised to $70,000.
  •   Phasing out the Pandemic Event Visa; no new applicants after September.
  •   Approximately 70,000 people on this visa expected to leave Australia by August next year.

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