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Australia Vs Canada For Indian Migrants- Which Country Is Better To Live in 2023?

Australia Vs Canada For Indian Migrants- Which Country Is Better To Live in 2023?

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Friday, 11th August 2023

Immigration to either Canada or Australia can be challenging! Both of these places provide fantastic employment options. They resemble each other somewhat.

You've probably thought of a few places you might relocate to if you're considering moving to a new country. Even though many countries are wonderful places for immigrants, why wouldn't you weigh your options before deciding where to start a new life?

This blog will provide you with a better understanding of your options for immigration, the cost of living, healthcare, and other important deciding factors. Go on reading.

A Quick Comparison of Immigration to Canada and Australia:



Flexible Immigration Rules for Professionals Reaching New Zealand
Favorable labor market Community Education
Affordable Accommodation Improved Economy
Ideal Family Environments Structured Immigration Process
Lower Interest Rate Lower PR Score than Canada
Simple PR System Greater Pay for Skilled Employees

Australia vs. Canada: Permanent Resident (PR)

Applying for permanent residence (PR) is the first step to settling in a foreign nation like Australia or Canada. Let's look at the PR-related details for Australia and Canada below.

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In Canada, PR

You need a Post-Graduation Work Permit in order to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada through the Canadian Experience Class. Obtaining a PR is simpler because the Canadian government is eager for competent workers from other nations.

In Australia, PR

In Australia, getting a PR is a laborious process. A minimum of 65 points are required to apply for PR. To prevent fraud, the immigration officers thoroughly investigate the candidate's background.

Cost of Living in Australia and Canada

Canada: In Canada, there are many government benefits available in terms of food security and health benefits. Additionally, the cost of living is a little lower than in Australia. One would need between $1,650 and $2,500 each month, while a family would need about $5,158.

Australia: Life in Australia is expensive, with the cost of living there ranked as the 16th highest in the world. The cost of life in this island nation also differs from region to region. Sydney is the most costly city, with Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, and Brisbane all close behind.

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Average Cost of Living in Canada & Australia PR


(CAD/INR) (Approximately)

(AUD/INR) (Approximately)

Grocery 76 (INR 4,200) 71 (INR 3,800)
Phone and Internet 127 (INR 7,090) 120 (INR 6,415)
Fuel Cost 1.25 (INR 70) 1.48 (INR 79.12)
Public Transport (monthly) 95 (INR 5,300) 150 (INR 8020)
Fundamental Utilities 149 (INR 8,300) 207 (INR 11070)
House Rent – 1 to 3 BHK 1300 – 2000 (INR 72,500 – INR 1,11,160) 1700 – 2700 (INR 90,900 – INR 1,44,350)
Pre-School 952 (INR 53,110) 1800 (INR 96,200)
Fitness Club 49 (INR 2,730) 65 (INR 3,474)

Health Facilities in Australia Vs Canada

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The term "provincial health insurance" refers to the public healthcare system in Canada, which differs from province to province. Being a Canadian permanent resident makes you eligible for Medicare, which is a national health insurance program. Through universal public health insurance, all Canadian citizens have access to health care. Every Canadian citizen is entitled to free basic healthcare.

The free public healthcare program known as Medicare is available to all Australian citizens. The Australian healthcare system is robust for foreigners to navigate; you can only enroll in Medicare after moving to Australia permanently. In Australia, the majority of people choose private health insurance in order to effortlessly pay for all costs associated with receiving specialized care.

Lifestyle Comparison Between Australia & Canada

High standards of life are available in Canada and Australia, and both countries have top-notch healthcare and educational institutions. The way of life might vary greatly from one nation to the next.

Canada is renowned for its warm, amiable citizens and its varied cultural heritage. The nation is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts because it provides a variety of activities like skiing, hiking, and fishing.

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One of the major perks of the Canadian lifestyle for Indians is high salaries, with many employees also receiving benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation time, and pensions. The country also has a minimum wage law, which ensures that all workers earn a fair wage for their work.

On the other side, Australia is renowned for its leisurely, laidback culture and outdoor pursuits.

australia migrate

If you are immigrating to Australia from India, you will definitely find much better infrastructure, job opportunities, career growth, and wages here compared to India. It's not just the career growth you get here as an Indian; it's about the complete 360 degrees change in life.

Australia Vs Canada In a Nutshell

Both Australia and Canada are fantastic countries to move to, but ultimately, it depends on your needs and preferences. The comparison of the two nations provided here might assist you in making your migration decision.

For example, if you enjoy cold and frigid weather, you may want to migrate to Canada, and if you prefer pleasant weather, you may want to migrate to Australia. You can base your choice on the previously mentioned comparisons of earnings and immigration.

For further assistance, you can also contact us. Get more information about the immigration process through our visa experts on Siecmigration.com. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


Q1: Which country, Australia or Canada, has better weather?

A1: While Canada experiences fluctuating seasonal temperatures and colder winters, Australia typically enjoys warmer weather all year round.

Q2: Which nation provides the best healthcare?

A2: Both Australia and Canada have top-notch healthcare systems that offer their citizens high-quality care.

Q3: Which nation offers more chances for business owners and startups?

A3: The entrepreneurial ecosystems in Australia and Canada are both thriving and provide chances for start-ups and innovation.

Q4: Which nation has a better balance between work and life?

A4: Australia is renowned for its relaxed way of life, emphasis on finding a work-life balance, and availability of leisure activities.


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