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Migration Tasmania Introduces Gold Pass Requirement for Subclass 190 Nomination

Publish Date: 26/03/2024

Migration Tasmania is currently only accepting Registrations of Interest (ROIs) allocated a Gold Pass due to high demand exceeding available places. This measure applies solely to subclass 190 and will remain in effect for the rest of the 2023-24 program.

The resumption of accepting ROIs for subclass 190 nominations from all eligible candidates is expected to begin with the commencement of the 2024-25 Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program, estimated in July 2024.

There are no current restrictions on submitting ROIs for subclass 491 nomination. Candidates interested in subclass 491 nomination should submit an ROI through the Application Gateway.

However, accepting subclass 491 nomination renders candidates ineligible for subclass 190 nomination in the future.

Candidates may wait until the 2024-25 Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program opens to submit an ROI for subclass 190 nomination. Migration Tasmania intends to invite all current ROIs allocated a Green Pass to apply for nomination.

Due to limited remaining subclass nomination places for the 2023-24 program, issuing invitations or offering nominations may be delayed until the 2024-25 program year begins. Subclass 190 ROIs with a Green Pass will remain valid until an invitation to apply for nomination is issued.

Updates to Subclass 491 ROIs:

Updates to subclass 491 ROIs require withdrawing the existing ROI and submitting a new one with the updated claims. This process will not negatively impact the time it takes to receive an invitation to apply for nomination.

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