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Northern Territory Update

Publish Date: 24/11/2023

Please note: Due to insufficient nomination allocations provided by the Australian Government for the current program year (2023-24), the NT Government is unable to accept new subclass 190 nomination applications at present. Those who meet relevant criteria will be offered a subclass 491 nomination. NT GSM nomination applications for 2023-24 now open for subclass 491 The NT Government has begun accepting new applications for nomination under the Skilled Work

Regional (Provisional) subclass 491 visa program from 23 October 2023. Applications will be assessed under new eligibility criteria as published on this website

A summary of key changes to eligibility criteria are as follows:

NT Graduates who hold a Temporary Graduate subclass 485 visa valid till at least 1 July 2024, or are eligible for such visa will not be eligible for nomination in this program year. NT Residents who have not worked in their nominated or related occupation for at least 6 months in the NT will only be considered for nomination if they have been working in the NT for 6 months in a critical sector (health, aged and disabled care, education and childcare, hospitality).

The Priority Occupation Stream for offshore applications will be limited to 54 occupations listed on the new NT Offshore Migration Occupation List.

Please see full eligibility criteria.

  • Onshore applicants should make their applications well ahead of any visa expiry dates. Those who have
  • visas expiring should seek professional advice on their visa options and ensure that they remain lawful
  • during their stay in Australia.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that they meet visa eligibility criteria, including maintaining
  • valid skills assessments and English test results.

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