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RSE Workers' Minimum Wage to Rise in New Zealand from April 1, 2024

Publish Date: 21/02/2024

New Zealand's minimum wage is set to increase on April 1, 2024, leading to an adjustment in the wage threshold for Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) workers to align with the new minimum wage.

RSE workers, starting from April 1, 2024, must be paid at least NZD$25.47 per hour, reflecting the New Zealand minimum wage plus a 10 percent increment. Currently, RSE workers receive a minimum of NZD$24.97 per hour for actual hours worked.

Employers in the RSE sector are obligated to update wages under the new minimum hourly wage to adhere to their Agreement to Recruit (ATR) commitments. Failure to align wages with the updated minimum wage could result in a breach of ATR commitments by employers.

In case of a worker transferring from one RSE employer to another, the new employment agreement must also comply with the minimum pay requirements, reinforcing the importance of adherence to wage regulations in the sector.

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