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South Australia's 2023-24 Skilled Occupation List Update

Publish Date: 27/09/2023

  • The South Australian Government has released the 2023-24 Skilled Occupation List.
  • It has adopted a Registration of Interest (ROI) system to manage the high demand for state nominations, requiring applicants to submit an ROI and await an invitation.
  • Priority will be given to retaining international graduates and temporary visa holders within the state.
  • Skilled overseas workers in high-demand fields like Trades and Construction, Defense, Health, Education, Natural and Physical Science, and Social and Welfare Professionals will receive invitations for state nomination.
  • South Australia is actively seeking highly skilled workers for fast-growing industries and national priority projects, particularly those with experience in the defense industry and specialized skills in digital and critical technologies.
  • International graduates and temporary visa holders have a broad range of occupation options, with over 290 occupations open to offshore skilled workers.
  • South Australia is not currently accepting applications for state nomination for the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188).
  • Business and investor migrants holding a provisional visa (subclass 188) can apply for nomination for the extension stream or permanent visa (subclass 888) in the 2023-24 period without a nomination cap.

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