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The Greens' Push to End Deportation of Migrant Families with Disabled Children

Publish Date: 09/08/2023

New Update Alert:

  • Immigration Minister, 'Andrew Giles' intervened to protect an Indian family from deportation due to their child's disability through the Greens Bill.
  • The Greens aim to end Australia's migration rule allowing the deportation of migrants if their child is born with a disability.
  • The Greens' bill would eliminate the use of a significant cost threshold (SCT) to assess visa claims.
  • The SCT refusal threshold is $51,000 over a decade, much lower than Canada ($270,000) and New Zealand ($150,000).
  • The proposed change promotes inclusivity, equality, and compassion, and aligns with international standards.
  • Ending the rule could allow disabled migrants to contribute to society and generate long-term benefits.
  • The current policy is criticized as "unconscionable" by The Greens, leading to family deportations based on a disabled child.
  • The Disability Act doesn't apply to the Migration Act, allowing deportation if disability treatment is deemed a burden on taxpayers.
  • Giles intervened in March to stop the deportation of the Kollikkara family due to their 10-year-old son's Down syndrome.

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