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UK Boosts 266K Training Places Delivered in Back to Work Plan

Publish Date: 16/06/2024

Over 266,000 workplace training places were delivered in three years. The annual target of 80,000 jobseekers surpassed two months ahead of schedule.

In the latest financial year, 81,190 training places were delivered, contributing to the overall total. The Part of the £2.5bn Back to Work Plan, aims to expand employment support for over a million people.

The Sector-based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs) were established in 2021. The SWAPs provide unique work opportunities with six weeks of on-the-job training and experience before a guaranteed interview.

This includes:

  • 266,330 starts in total
  • 81,190 in the latest financial year
  • 38,040 for over 50's
  • 960 for those over 65's
  • 40,700 for 20 - 24 year olds
  • 31,710 for 25 - 29 year olds

SWAPs differ from traditional work experience, often supported by employers filling active vacancies. It aligns with the government's long-term plan for economic growth by equipping job seekers with essential skills. Success was highlighted by surpassing the annual target early, showcasing program efficiency.

The program actively involves businesses in crafting initiatives tailored to specific roles. High demand in sectors with significant job vacancies: 36,810 in construction, 25,900 in security, 21,250 in hospitality, and 19,930 in logistics and freight.

The initiative addresses skills shortages in key sectors, contributing to long-term economic growth by enhancing employability through practical training and experience.

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