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UK Doubles Healthcare Worker Visas in 2023

Publish Date:01/01/2024

In 2023, the UK government nearly doubled the number of visas granted to foreign migrants entering the health and care sector, reaching a total of 337,240, marking a 26% increase from the previous year (2022).

The surge in work visas was primarily fueled by individuals coming to work in the care home sector, reflecting the growing demand for health and care workers in the country. The "Skilled Worker - Health and Care" route experienced a substantial rise, with visas under this category almost doubling, reaching 146,477 in 2023—an increase of 91% compared to 2022.

Notably, the health and care sector also accounted for a significant portion of family visas, making up 73% of the 279,131 visas issued to dependants of workers. This represented an 80% surge in the number of dependants compared to the previous year.

However, starting March 11, 2024, care workers will no longer be allowed to bring dependants, a move criticized by businesses and trade unions due to concerns about the potential impact on a sector already grappling with labour shortages.

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