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UK Visa Crackdown Sparks Concerns Among Indian Professionals Over Unfair Restrictions

Publish Date: 06/12/2023

Indian professionals and students express worry over the UK's visa crackdown, citing a lack of clarity on family dependents and increased salary thresholds.

Home Secretary James Cleverly proposes a five-point plan, including a ban on family dependents and higher salary thresholds for care workers and skilled professionals.

Concerns about the future of Health and Care visas for Indian medics; urgent clarification sought from the Home Secretary.

Opposition to the family-dependent ban for care workers, stressing the importance of family support for quality care services.

Doubts about the Immigration Health Surcharge exemption for Health and Care visa professionals amidst a confirmed increase to GBP 1,035.

FICCI warns that higher salary thresholds for skilled worker visas may discourage Indian professionals, impacting the UK economy.

Changes, including restrictions on bringing dependents and switching to work routes, take effect for courses starting in January 2024.

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