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Canadian Government Launches $4 Billion Housing Accelerator Fund for 100,000 New Homes Nationwide

Publish Date: 06/12/2023

Housing Accelerator Fund Overview

Launch: March 2023, $4 billion fund for 100,000 homes in Canada.

Progress: Exceeding targets, delivering results.

Federal Agreement with Quebec

Date: Nov 9, 2023, $1.8 billion agreement.

Allocation: $900 million for Quebec housing.

City Agreements and Home Construction Plans:

1. London, ON:

$74 million, 2,000 homes.

Focus: Four units, city land, non-profit partnerships.

2. Vaughan, ON:

$59 million, 1,700 homes..

Emphasis: Transit, permit reforms, affordable housing.

3. Hamilton, ON:

$93.5 million, 2,600 homes.

Priorities: Transit, city lands, four residential units.

4. Brampton, ON:

$114 million, 3,150 homes.

Strategies: Zoning, incentives, reducing barriers.

5. Halifax, NS:

$79.3 million, 2,600 homes.

Approaches: Pre-approved plans, commercial to residential, permit improvements.

6. Kelowna, BC:

$31.5 million, 950 h


Emphasis: Transit corridors, city lands, tech for permits.

7. Kitchener, ON:

$42.4 million, 1,200 homes.

Measures: LRT housing, permissive regulations, affordable housing support.

8. Calgary, AB:

$228 million, 6,800 homes.

Strategies: Office conversion, transit proximity, infill housing.

9. Moncton, NB:

$15.5 million, 490 homes.

Initiatives: Missing middle, non-profit support, energy-efficient templates.

10. Province of Quebec:

$1.8 billion, 8,000 units.

Inclusions: 500 units for homeless/at-risk individuals.

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