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BREAKING NEWS: Flagpoling is no longer available for international students applying for PGWP effective June 21st.

Publish Date: 22/06/2024

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced the cessation of flagpoling for foreign nationals seeking a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) at Canadian ports of entry (POE), as of June 21. The decision aims to reduce delays for travellers and expedite commercial goods movement between Canada and the United States.

According to Immigration Minister Marc Miller, this move is intended to curtail the practice of flagpoling, which diverts border officers from critical enforcement duties. Minister Miller emphasized the decision's importance in maintaining the integrity of Canada's immigration system while fostering fairness among applicants.

Flagpoling involves exiting and re-entering Canada within 24 hours through a designated POE to receive expedited immigration services, bypassing typical application processing times. Typically, foreign nationals engage in flagpoling to circumvent the usual processing delays involved in online applications for work or study permits.

Recently, CBSA has also restricted the hours during which flagpoling services are available at 12 entry points starting May 30, aiming to alleviate congestion at the borders.

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