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Canadian Provinces Has Issued Latest PNP Draw Result

Publish Date: 02/01/2024

1. British Columbia- 230 Skilled Worker and International Graduate Got PNP Nominations In Four Draws.

  • 107 Tech Occupations Candidates got invitation with a 95 CRS score
  • 32 Construction Occupation Candidates got invitation with a 75 CRS score
  • 29 Healthcare Occupations and 62 Early Childcare Educators & Assistants got invitation with a 60 CRS score

2. Manitoba-

  • On 21st December, 1113 Skilled Workers Overseas got invited with a 601 CRS score
  • On 28th December, 160 Skilled Workers in Manitoba got invited with a 612 CRS score, 67 International Education and 27 Skilled Workers Overseas with a 698 CRS score.
  • On 29th December, 89 Candidates from the Special Measures for Ukraine got invited with No minimum CRS score.

3. Saskatchewan- 63 Candidates got invited in the SINP

  • 48 Occupations-in-Demand and 15 Express Entry Candidates got invitation with 69 CRS score

4. Prince Edward Island-

  • 26 candidates from Healthcare, Construction and Food Processing sectors got invitation with No minimum CRS score.
  • 3 Business Work Permit Entrepreneurs got invitation with 92 CRS score

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