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IRCC Issued Open Work Permit Visa For Outland Applicants

Publish Date: 19/07/2023

The Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees of Canada, Mr. Sean Fraser has announced faster temporary resident visa processing as a measure to bring permanent resident's family to the country that includes open work permit for spousal and family class applicants.

Under Canada's immigration strategy and as a new measure, family reunification is a core pillar for the country aims to make it possible for more families to be together. Hence, Partners, Spouses and dependants of PR, students, temporary workers, and Canadian citizens who are already in the country are now eligible for this visa. IRCC targets to process all spouse sponsorship applications within 12 months.

The Notable Measures are Included:

  • Faster temporary resident visa (TRV) processing times for spousal applicants
  • New and dedicated processing tools for spousal TRV applicants
  • Open work permit extensions for the applicants expiring between 1st August and the end of 2023 and will be able to extend their work permits for an additional 18 months.
  • Most of these applications will be processed within 30 days and applicants will benefit from processing measures specific to their circumstances as dependants and spouses.

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