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IRCC Raises Fees for Foreign Nationals, Effective Dec 1, 2023

Publish Date: 01/12/2023

On December 1st, 2023, IRCC announced a fee increase for foreign nationals seeking to regain status or return to Canada after being inadmissible.

  •  The fees align with the Service Fees Act (SFA), adjusting annually for inflation since 2018 to maintain financial sustainability.
  •  Follows SFA guidelines, ensuring fees remain responsive to economic changes while providing fair access to immigration services.
  •  Applicants can expect partial refunds (remissions) if service standards are not met, applicable to applications received on or after December 1st, 2023.
  •  IRCC commits to transparent fee adjustments annually, balancing accessibility with economic considerations in immigration services. Remissions for qualifying applications will be issued by July 1st of the following fiscal year.
Fee Current Fee New Fee (December 1, 2023)
Authorization to return to canada $400.00 $459.55
Rehabilitation - Inadmissible on the grounds of criminality $200.00 $229.77
Rehabilitation - Inadmissible on the grounds of serious criminality $1000.00 $1148.87
Restore your status as a visitor, worker or student $200.00 $229.77
Restore your status as a visitor, worker and get a new work permit $355.00 $384.77
Restore your status as a student and a get a new study permit $350.00 $379.77
Temporary resident permit $200.00 $229.77

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