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Minister Miller reveals strategy to improve Canada's immigration system

Publish Date: 02/11/2023

Miller noted that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) has been engaging with stakeholders and the public throughout the year to help shape the future of a stronger immigration system. As such, IRCC is in the process of incorporating this feedback to execute its new immigration strategy, entitled An Immigration System for Canada's Future.

He conceded that Canada's immigration system has not been particularly responsive in recent years and this is something IRCC wants to improve upon. Following Millers' announcement, IRCC released its new strategic report so that stakeholders are informed of the department's intentions.

Among the issues IRCC is pursuing include better aligning the needs of the labour market with the immigration system, modernizing the immigration system to allow newcomers to easily submit and track their applications digitally, improving IRCC's application processing service standard, helping smaller communities attract and retain more newcomers, and promoting francophone immigration in communities across Canada.In the report, IRCC has identified three pillars and a number of actions to take to maintain Canada's status as a destination of choice for newcomers:

  • Create a more welcoming experience for newcomers
  • Align immigration with labour market needs
  • Develop a comprehensive and coordinated growth plan.

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