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Newcomers Can Boost Immigration Chances with Educational Credential Assessments (ECAs)

Publish Date: 29/04/2024

An ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) is a document that evaluates a newcomer’s foreign education credential to determine its Canadian equivalent.

Purpose: Helps newcomers prove their educational background for various purposes including immigration, employment, professional licensing, and education.

Components: Typically includes verification of education background, Canadian equivalence of the credential, identification, major/specialization of credential, and description of the assessed credential (name, year, institution, etc.).

Impact on Immigration: In addition to verifying eligibility for immigration programs, an ECA serves as an effective strategy to improve one's prospects for immigration. This is because the Canadian immigration system values higher education levels, and ECAs are the primary method by which the IRCC evaluates education.

IRCC evaluates

Assessing Multiple Credentials: Candidates may assess multiple credentials to maximize points under the CRS.

Types of ECAs: Different types of ECAs can be pursued based on individual situations, such as for education, technical degrees, or professional certifications.

Employment Impact: ECAs for professional licensing or certification can enhance job prospects in the Canadian labor market.

Pathway to Canadian Certification: ECAs can aid in expedited earning of Canadian certification in regulated professions, facilitating employment and immigration through PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs).

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