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Best Ways to Get PR in Australia Based on New Strategy

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Mon, 29th January 2024

Dreaming of a life in Australia? If you're finding out the maze of immigration strategies, especially with the recent changes of 2024, you're in the right place.

This blog post is your go-to resource for understanding the best ways to secure permanent residency (PR) in Australia, all based on the fresh migration strategy introduced in December 2023.

Australia, renowned for its high-quality lifestyle, advanced healthcare, and top-notch education, has long been a sought-after destination. However, the journey to PR has been historically challenging, often leaving applicants tangled in confusion. The current temporary skilled migration process further complicates matters, offering restricted pathways to permanent residency.

To address the broken immigration system, the Australian government introduced a new migration strategy on December 11, 2023. This strategy aims to revamp the pathways to PR, acknowledging the challenges faced by temporary migrants and the need for major reforms.

Understanding the Background

The new strategy sheds light on the surge in temporary migrants, which has risen from 700,000 in 2000 to over 2.2 million in 2023. Many of these individuals, despite contributing to the Australian economy and society, find themselves in a state of "permanent temporariness" without a clear path to PR. This has led to negative social and economic consequences, prompting the government to take action.

Key Actions for PR in Australia

The new strategy outlines key actions to enhance the pathways to permanent residency. Let's delve into the first two crucial steps:

1. Targeting Temporary Skilled Migration:

The Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) plays a pivotal role in addressing labour market shortages. The strategy introduces a clear pathway to PR for short-term stream visa holders, aligning with the government's commitment made in April 2023. Additionally, a new Skills in Demand visa will replace the existing Temporary Skill Shortage visa, offering defined pathways to PR and increased employment mobility.

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2. Reshaping Permanent Skilled Migration:

Focusing on long-term prosperity, the strategy emphasizes selecting permanent skilled migrants based on factors that contribute to Australia's economic growth. The Global Talent visa, Points-Tested Skilled Migration, Employer Nominated Scheme, and Business Innovation and Investment visa streams are revamped to attract talent and stimulate economic development.

Reforms in Graduate Visas

To address challenges faced by graduates, the government is streamlining the graduate visa process and facilitating a smoother transition between student and graduate visas.

Proposed changes aim to make it easier for graduates to secure temporary skilled visas and accelerate the permanent residency process.

Final Thoughts

The new migration strategy 2024 introduces significant reforms to streamline the process, providing clearer pathways for skilled migrants. If you're considering a move to Australia, it's crucial to stay informed and seek professional guidance.

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