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Job opportunities in Regional Australia

Job Opportunites

Wed, 13th Mar 2024

The job opportunities in Australia are currently experiencing a notable transformation, particularly within the blue-collar sector. Historically, blue-collar occupations, involving manual labor or skilled trades, have held substantial importance in the country's economy.

When examining job opportunities in regional Australia, the situation denotes employment possibilities situated outside major urban centers, primarily in rural and regional zones of Australia. These areas, often referred to as "blue-collar hotspots," are increasingly attracting job seekers and blue-collar workers.

This blog aims to delve into the shifting dynamics and the significance of regional job opportunities, identifying the hotspots where they are prevalent, and addressing potential solutions within the current Australian job market.

Specific Regional Australia Thriving With Jobs in Regional Australia

In 2023, some of the popular regional Australia have shown a significant increment in job opportunities including the blue-collar sectors. Below are some of the specific regions with statistics mentioned:

Specific Regional Australia Statistics

New South Wales (NSW)

February to March 2023

The Southern Highlands and Snowy region saw a significant increase of 19.4% in job vacancies, resulting in a total of 1,360 available positions.

In Dubbo and Western NSW, there was an 18.1% rise in job vacancies, bringing the total number of available positions to 1,586.

The Newcastle & Hunter region witnessed a 16.8% increase in job vacancies, reaching a total of 7,081 positions.

On an annual basis:

Tamworth and North West NSW noted a substantial 24.4% increase in job vacancies.

The Blue Mountains, Bathurst & Central West NSW region experienced a significant annual growth of 22.7% in job opportunities


In Hobart & Southeast Tasmania, there was a notable uptick of 19.3% in job vacancies, resulting in a total of 2,229 available positions.

Launceston and Northeast Tasmania observed a substantial annual increase of 22.3% in job vacancies.


Central Queensland experienced a noteworthy month-over-month increase of 17.2% in job vacancies, with 4,858 available positions.

Toowoomba and South West QLD witnessed a substantial annual increase of 21.8% in job opportunities.

High Demand Job Occupation In Regional Australia: Jobs In Regional Australia

Job Opportunites

While the specific industries driving demand in the above-mentioned regions may vary, certain primary trends highlight key sectors and roles experiencing high demand across various regional areas in Australia.

Occupation Job description Average Pay Structure
Metal fitters and machinists Operating machines and tools to shape metal, assembling and fitting metal parts. AUD$ 22.13/per hour
Boilermakers/Welders Assembling, maintaining, and repairing boilers and large containers. AUD$ 28.16/per hour
Electricians Installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading electrical networks. AUD$ 34.48/per hour
Air conditioning technicians Performing installations and maintenance of air conditioning units. AUD$ 31.25/per hour
Motor Mechanics Servicing, maintaining, and repairing motor vehicles. AUD$ 25.14/per hour
Plumbers Installing and repairing pipes and systems, both in private residencies and in industrial environments. AUD$ 31.25/per hour
Carpenters Working with wood, plywood, and frameworks for construction. AUD$ 31.35/per hour
Construction managers Overseeing construction projects, managing sites, and ensuring health and safety compliance. AUD$ 82,944/Year
Civil engineering professionals Overseeing construction workers and infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and dams. AUD$ 73,995/Year
Mining Engineers High demand in the mining sector. AUD$ 86,079/Year

In conclusion, Australia offers a variety of regional areas for individuals seeking permanent residency, each with its unique advantages. When deciding on the ideal regional area for PR in Australia, consider your requirements and priorities, as each area presents a distinct blend of benefits and challenges.

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