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Exploring the Differences: Australian Citizenship vs. Permanent Residence

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Tues, 02nd January 2024

Australia is a great country with a high standard of living, good education, and healthcare. It has a clean environment, beautiful scenery, and fewer people, making it attractive to many worldwide.

If you're thinking about moving to Australia in 2024 and are confused about the differences between being a citizen and a permanent resident, this blog can help.

A permanent resident is someone with a valid visa allowing them to stay in Australia for a specific time. They can work, study, travel, and use healthcare facilities. Permanent residents have responsibilities like following the law, paying taxes, and informing authorities if they change their address.

On the other hand, an Australian citizen belongs to the Australian community, with the right to vote, live and work forever, and travel with an Australian passport. Citizens also have responsibilities, such as obeying laws, defending the country, and serving on juries.

Australian Visa Partner

The blog states the differences between permanent residency and citizenship, including the requirements to become each. To become a permanent resident, you need to score at least 65 points on a test based on factors like age, work experience, and English proficiency. There are also health insurance and residency requirements.

To become a citizen, you need to be a permanent resident for a certain period, pass a citizenship test, fulfil residency requirements, and maintain moral integrity.

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Permanent residents have a 5-year travel visa, but citizens can travel freely and get better healthcare benefits. Permanent residents can have dual citizenship, but citizens may need to give up their previous citizenship.

In conclusion, both permanent residency and citizenship have their advantages and limitations. Citizens have more benefits, but both statuses are valuable.

If you need help with getting permanent residency or citizenship in Australia, the blog recommends SIEC Migration, a certified team that can assist you.

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