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 New Skills In Demand

Fri, 15th Mar 2024

Did you know the Australian Government has introduced a visa called the New Skills in Demand visa replacing the old Temporary Skills Shortage visa?

Yes, you've heard it right, the government has released this change as a part of a bigger plan to fix Australia's immigration system, which was announced in December 2023. The plan focuses on education and bringing in skilled workers temporarily.

The government wants to fill job gaps and increase the workforce in Australia by releasing new skills in demand visas. Currently, there are nearly 800,000 job openings for skilled workers. This new visa makes it easier for skilled workers to get a job and stay in Australia.

So, if you're thinking of moving to Australia, you should understand this new visa. It has three levels, and it offers a clear way to become a permanent resident.

What is a New Skills in Demand Visa?

The New Skills in Demand Visa is replacing the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa. It has three levels based on your salary and job. The aim is to meet the needs of the job market in Australia. This visa makes it easier to apply for permanent residency and find a new job if you lose your current one.

Benefits of New Skills in Demand Visa

This visa offers many benefits, including:

  • 1. Duration: It's valid for four years.
  • 2. Flexibility: You can change employers within 180 days.
  • 3. Faster processing: It takes about 21 days to process.
  • 4. Path to permanent residency: Time spent working in Australia counts toward permanent residency.

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Streamlined Labor Market Testing (LMT) is another significant aspect of new skills in demand visa. With improvements in Jobs and Skills Australia's data on skills shortages, LMT requirements will be simplified. Advertising on Workforce Australia will no longer be necessary. Instead, LMT will gradually be replaced with a Core Skilled Occupation List.

Now, let's delve into the main visa pathways offered by the New Skills in Demand visa.

Different Pathways of New Skills in Demand Visa
 New Skills In Demand

Australia introduced a new Skills in Demand visa in 2024, featuring three specific pathways likely to replace the 482 visa. The three-tiered approach includes:

1. Specialist Skills Visa Pathway

Key elements of this pathway include:

  • No occupational list requirement.
  • 3,000 open positions annually.
  • Ineligibility for trades, laborers, drivers, and machinery operators.
  • Guaranteed minimum annual salary of AUD$135K, increasing yearly.
  • Priority processing with a median visa processing time of seven days.

2. Core Skills Visa Pathway

Highlights of this pathway include:

  • Jobs and Skills Australia provides an updated Core Skills Occupation List (CSOL).
  • Focus on occupations facing labor shortages.
  • Guaranteed annual earnings between AUD$70K-135K, meeting the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT).

3. Essential Skills Pathway

Key points of this pathway include:

  • The specifics of the process for the core skills visa pathway have not yet been decided.
  • Targeting workers in essential skill occupations earning below AUD$70K annually.
  • Likely industry-specific with minimum requirements and continuous guidance from Jobs and Skills Australia.
Application Process for Skills in Demand Visa

The application process involves:

  • Choosing the right pathway based on occupation and eligibility.
  • Registering on the official ImmiAccount website and applying.
  • Gathering required documents to verify skills, income, and qualifications.
  • Paying the visa application fee via designated platforms.
Reforms and Future Developments

The government is considering gathering Skilling Australian funds (SAF) in smaller installments over time and exploring monthly or quarterly payment methods for increased flexibility.

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