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South Australia- A Leading Way For Corporate Expansion and Innovation

The Australian Government

Mon, 22nd August 2023

The Australian Government is on a mission to attract skilled migrants from countries like India to address economy-wide skill shortages. South Australia has experienced uninterrupted economic growth for two decades and about $100 billion of minor to major developments are underway in a range of sectors across the state.

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South Australia offers business and skilled migrants with every opportunity to further themselves or their business. In South Australia Skills in Demand for skilled workers to fill emerging Vacancies in diverse industry sectors within the growing economy of the states. Overall, Business and Skilled Migration Programs aim to resilience the state's economic growth.

Finding Work in South Australia

It offers job opportunities in the public as well as private sectors at all levels of expertise and across a range of industries

Moving Business To South Australia

South Australia is a successful transitioning model towards innovation, knowledge-intensive industries, and services away from automotive manufacturing.

Working in South Australia

All employees in Australia are entitled to the same workplace rights and protections. The South Australian government will not put up with any kind of exploitation of foreign labor.

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The following obligations of your employer under Australian labor and immigration law must be met:

  • Pay you the appropriate wage for all hours worked.
  • Make the workplace secure.
  • Contracts or agreements cannot be used to restrict these rights. Australian law regulates wages and working conditions.

Australia's South offers:

  • A climate of business competition
  • A mode of operation that encourages lucrative investment
  • A workforce with exceptional skills
  • Modern research and development networks and infrastructure
  • Affordable labor costs
  • Strong cooperation between the public sector, business, and academics.

South Australian Skilled Migration Program

South Australia has been allocated 2700 places for 190 Visa nominations and 3180 places for 491 Visa nominations

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State Nomination Requirements in South Australia

  1. Residency- If you are in Australia, but not in South Australia: you can only apply through the Talent & Innovator Employment Stream. If you are offshore: you can check South Australia's Skilled List to see which occupations are eligible for the state nomination.
  2. Age- Under 45 at the time of nomination
  3. English- English requirement varies depending on your occupation
  4. Points- 65 minimum points required
  5. Work Experience- Must be at least 20 hours/week

Why conduct commerce in South Australia?

South Australia is a fascinating place to invest in since it has a strong manufacturing base and is setting the pace in a variety of established and growing areas. It fosters a dependable, creative, and hardworking company environment with strong ties to domestic and international markets.

Your entryway to both Australia and the rest of the world lies in South Australia.

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