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TOP 5 Benefits Of New ACS Skill Assessment Guidelines

TOP 5 Benefits

Tues, 23rd April 2024

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has revamped its Migration Skill Assessment process, ACS Skill Assessment Fees, and the ACS Skill Assessment processing time on 15th April 2024, aiming to enhance the efficiency and user experience for applicants.

The Need for a New Migration Skills Assessment

  • As the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise, so does the need for an advanced and streamlined migration process.
  • ACS has undertaken an important update to its Migration Skills Assessment portal, to address common challenges faced by applicants.
  • The new ACS Skill Assessment application portal promises a simplified experience, offering faster results, improved guidance, and enhanced applicant support.

Key Features of ACS Skill Assessment Guidelines:

TOP 5 Benefits

1. Payment Before Application Initiation: The payment for the ACS application will now be required before initiating or filling out the application form. ACS Skill Assessment Fees have increased double from AUD 560 to AUD 1450.

2. Skill Assessment Profile Evaluation: Applicants will now have the opportunity to assess their skill profile by answering system-generated questions within the application portal.

3. Multiple ANZSCO Code Assessment: Each application will allow for the assessment of the profile against three individual ANZSCO codes. Consequently, ACS outcomes will be released separately for each ANZSCO code deemed suitable by the case officer.

4. Enhanced Transparency: The new system provides improved transparency regarding the status of your application, from submission to outcome.

5. Reduced ACS Skill Assessment Processing Time: With these changes, the processing time for skill assessments is expected to be significantly reduced from 10-12 weeks to 5-15 days.

Related FAQs

1. My application is already in the ACS portal so do I have to wait for a new implementation?

Ans. No, you can submit your all existing application before 15th April 2024, Monday AEST

2. I have already submitted my ACS skill assessment application so the new changes are implemented for us also and I need to pay the application amount again

Ans. The in-process (submitted application) will be considered by the old version only.

3. You wish to engage in a review or appeal of a recent outcome.

Ans. There is no change to the process. Applicants must pursue this within the required timeframe.

4. If you want to reapply how to do this?

Ans. ACS recommends you complete your next assessment in the new migration skill assessment.

5. After the new change implementation, my login credentials also changed and have to use a new login to open my submitted application?

Ans. No incomplete or submitted application will be migrated to the new platform. Submitted applications will be serviced and completed in the current (legacy) system, including any review or appeals

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