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Second Temporary Graduate Visa Update

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Studying overseas can be the root of a promising future; however, in situations like COVID, it can be a daunting task. Especially if you are already abroad & the destination country has a set of rules and regulations, it can be tiring. However, in challenging situations like these, the Australian government is doing its best to provide all the amenities to international students and immigrants. So, if you are one of them, this blog has a big update for you. Read on to know more.

  • Second Temporary Graduate Visa Eligibility Criteria
    The following applicants will be eligible for a second Temporary Graduate Visa -
    • International graduates studying in the regional area from 2021.
    • International students who already own a Temporary Graduate Visa.
    • Graduated from a regional educational institution,
    • Lived in regional Australia on their 1st TGV will be eligible for a second temporary graduate visa.

The eligible applicants for a second TGV will be required to remain in a regional area for their new visa duration.

  • Category 2/ Category 3 Criteria
    • International graduates who have studied and resided in Category 2 will be eligible for a second Temporary Graduate visa for an additional year.
    • International graduates who have studied and resided in Category 3 will be eligible for a second Temporary Graduate visa for two additional years.

These rules are introduced to bring more diversity and clarity to international applicants. If you are looking to apply for a TGV or a second TGV, you have the rules intact in your hand. However, if you require any assistance in applying for these visas, you can reach out to SIEC Migration experienced consultants in Migrations & study abroad projects.

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